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Individual sessions enable a client to access the unconscious levels in the brain that have been stifled and hidden, blocking creative progress and accomplishment of goals. Clients quickly recognize the difference between Core Alignment Coaching and other types of support they’ve tried, with breakthroughs in as little as one session. Each session is focused on getting to the heart of the matter for that client, bringing forth real motivation, and resolving the conflicts between thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Core beliefs are examined and explored in personal process work, resulting in discovery of a client’s source of inner strength, not the limiting belief they have previously held. Awareness holds the key to igniting true passion, then the magic begins happening for them.

Sessions take place by phone, offering the highest amount of flexibility in a person’s schedule. You can be anywhere and access your coach!  Sessions range from one hour to a series of 12 weeks, where the greatest discount applies. When clients sign up for 12 weeks, they are committing to a high level of momentum and forward movement that can impact every aspect of their life. An introductory session is always complimentary!


As a Core Alignment Specialist and Recovery Counselor,  Lynette Isaak is offering small group sessions that meet weekly for 90 minutes in your area. Core Alignment principles have the power to change neurons and move you toward what you really want. The work that happens in these groups is powerfully effective for individuals who want more out of life, and are searching for alignment of the ideal self and the real self which often collide. Lynette’s motivation in counseling clients, whether individuals or groups, is to clarify what is not working in their lives, identify what they want to create, and eliminate the obstacles which have held them back. Teaching women to develop core beliefs that line up with their values is the focus, and  the transformation happens when they realize the power in their choices and start getting what they ask for: miracles and wonder in their life – even daily! Participants in small groups receive a discount on private coaching and get sessions for half price if a friend comes along. Most groups run 12 weeks, either mornings or evenings. Only 5 women needed to get started!


The ‘Aligning With Joy’ workshop is available to women who are seeking more awareness and empowerment in their lives. It is currently offered three times a year in Oregon: February, June, and October. Sessions start on Friday evenings (6:00-9:00 pm) and end on Saturday at 4:00 pm. Five powerful sessions are focused on learning to trust your intuition, identifying core beliefs and turning them into motivation, and tapping into your personal power and freedom. Each session is designed to build on the other, and leave participants with a sense of vision, forward movement, and community.

One of the most powerful sessions asks, “What belief has been holding me back?” This question and many throughout the workshop cause an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment for the women and they leave with a created Joy Statement that supports them in reaching their goals. We unload burdens, we explore unmet needs, and we unearth passions that have been ignored or tabled. Attendees awaken to the possibilities of New Choices and begin to live more joyful lives.

This powerful workshop is available in your location and costs participants only $50.00 for both days. [Minimum of 10 women]. Call for more information and start Aligning With Joy today!

Why are clients excited?


Moving Forward

I have been able to move forward with my career building and business development, embracing courage and trusting my passion. Coaching has carefully drawn me out of depression and opened my heart to endless growth. This new awareness has also enhanced my relationships and parenting skills!


Knowing Who I Was Meant to Be

“I am finally accepting who I am and becoming who I was meant to be. Now, for the first time in my life, I can see a future that is free of daily struggle, a future free of guilt and addiction.”


Finding Answers

“I have had the honored pleasure to be coached by Lynette and can say she is a master at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck in life, who is struggling with any kind of issue. She will assist you in finding answers and support you in knowing how to move forward.”

I am a Core Alignment Specialist, which means that I work with clients to support the aligning of their soul, spirit and body. When we don’t or can’t get what we really want in life, it is because these three areas are not aligned; once a client recognizes what is holding them back and gets to the heart of the matter, they are able to move into places they’ve only imagined. They live a life of authenticity and freedom. This is what Core Alignment does and why I continue to believe in its power to change lives.

Lynette Isaak

Lynette Isaak is a Core Alignment Specialist, Emotional Wisdom Trainer, Genesis Process Addictions Counselor, Peer Recovery Mentor, certified mediator, speaker, published author and Founder of Core Alignment Recovery Coaching. Her insightful creativity guides coaching clients in identifying obstacles that block their dreams from being reality, while bringing a fresh perspective on how to live a life of freedom and purpose.

With a vision for drawing out a person’s strengths, Lynette is able to apply Core Alignment Principles to recovery processes, giving any client in recovery for coping behaviors, the most powerful arsenal of tools for success and sobriety. Regardless of your emotional barriers, Lynette has a gift for facilitating the resurrection of dreams and forging them into the present, so that they become part of your glorious future.

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Uncovering core values supports the facilitation of your dreams, and then the power of choice, like an unopened gift, awaits you. – Lynette

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