About Lynette Isaak

As a certified addiction counselor and specialist in recovery coaching, I support men and women with coping behaviors to change the neurons in their brain. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology, Communication, and Mediation. Seeing clients get free from old, limiting beliefs and step into acceptance of their new life is what motivates me to blog, write transformational courses, and help clients grow, one conversation at a time. The things I love most are creating through music and design, time with family, and my relationship with God.

Coffee, Candles, and Chap Stick

We're All Addicted to Something! I had an episode. I’m not proud of it. My daughter watched me, freaking out. “Where is it?! Why can’t I find a stupid chapstick when I need it? Have you seen it?!” “Uh, no, mom. Where did you last see it?” Now escalating… “Yesterday, of course! I keep [...]

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Speak What You Need

Rewire the thoughts that don’t serve you! When I talk to people about self-control, the conversation inevitably turns to their disappointment in themselves – how they failed to follow-through, to meet an important goal or even get started on what they said was important. On one hand, this is a human trait that we [...]

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