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Give Yourself Permission

3 Reasons Not to Make Resolutions! There’s a great deal of momentum right now in moving forward, getting things done, and setting goals for the year. It’s all about being motivated to change! But what if you haven’t been persuaded to jump on that wagon, or just don’t get what all the hype is about. It’s winter and the only thing you want to do is hold a hot [...]

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Coffee, Candles, and Chap Stick

We're All Addicted to Something! I had an episode. I’m not proud of it. My daughter watched me, freaking out. “Where is it?! Why can’t I find a stupid chapstick when I need it? Have you seen it?!” “Uh, no, mom. Where did you last see it?” Now escalating… “Yesterday, of course! I keep at least 4 in every area of the house and car! And I need it [...]

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Speak What You Need

Rewire the thoughts that don’t serve you! When I talk to people about self-control, the conversation inevitably turns to their disappointment in themselves – how they failed to follow-through, to meet an important goal or even get started on what they said was important. On one hand, this is a human trait that we all suffer from; but the upside is that we can change neurons and the thinking [...]

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