Give Yourself Permission

3 Reasons Not to Make Resolutions!

There’s a great deal of momentum right now in moving forward, getting things done, and setting goals
for the year. It’s all about being motivated to change! But what if you haven’t been persuaded to jump
on that wagon, or just don’t get what all the hype is about. It’s winter and the only thing you want to do
is hold a hot beverage in your hands and watch tv. Perhaps the news, if you’re feeling adventurous…

Here are some facts to support you in your desire to recline rather than rev up :

Historically, winter is NOT a time for starting new projects.

In the fall, we put away food, fill our pantry, and prepare to hibernate. [I did this by buying too many craft projects at Michael’s and Joann’s!] If I get snowed in, I am ready. Because the month of January signifies the beginning of a new year, not just a new month or season, our species gets excited about the possibilities in a ramped-up, energized way. This is the basis of New Year’s Resolutions, not the fact that our bodies and minds require a reflective season of going inward, processing the old and new, and holing up in front of a fireplace that demands nothing of us, except to rest and contemplate the pattern of the flames.

Doing what others do rarely makes us happy.

I’ll be the first to admit that social pressure and trends have sucked me in to doing things that, ultimately, did not add anything to my life. When bell-bottoms and Go-Go boots hit the scene and I was 13, they supported my social identify and I was not sorry! But I’m wiser now. I focus on what I like, and in the winter, I want to deeply reflect on what I want to deeply reflect on. So there. Right now, I’m loving a re-read of Winter Solstice, the creation of new soup recipes (Chicken Thai Veggie, here I come), and changing my home screens to frozen trees or snow-covered mountains… What do you feel like doing in this season? Do that!

When we give ourselves permission to do nothing, we honor ourselves.

You know that life is hurried and that the pace we keep makes us feel as if we don’t even have a choice. What if I miss a text message? What if the phone rings and I don’t answer it? Choosing to unplug, to unwind, and to stop the merry-go-round means that you are strong in knowing what you need. You are actually honoring that. You are honoring your need to hear your own heart, and to do nothing when that’s what you need. So give yourself permission!

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As a certified addiction counselor and specialist in recovery coaching, I support men and women with coping behaviors to change the neurons in their brain. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology, Communication, and Mediation. Seeing clients get free from old, limiting beliefs and step into acceptance of their new life is what motivates me to blog, write transformational courses, and help clients grow, one conversation at a time. The things I love most are creating through music and design, time with family, and my relationship with God.

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